Make Adorn Led Screen as your digital Partner to communicate with Customers more easily.

LED Screen is an attractive and efficient electronic displays that have an automated as well as a programmable method of operation. These LED Screens are designed for outdoor purposes and suitable for all weather conditions. The mechanism behind the lighting of the signage is a series of LEDs together. You can use Led Video Wall Signages for your showrooms to reach your customers more effectively. Other advantages you get by using LED Screens are :-

  • Cost Effective: LED signage is a long-term investment with an average life of around 1lakh hours or approximately 11 years. Also, the maintenance costs are almost negligible with only routine cleaning required.

  • More Engaging: The advertisements on these electronic displays have a warm tone that makes customers feel more special. It helps the customers to choose the best in time.

  • Higher Visibility: Great visibility from even larger distances due to outstanding luminescence and size. These range from 5000-8000 nits (unit for measuring complete brightness that radiates over an sq. meter).

  • Energy efficient: LED lights consume less power which is 2-4 times less than neon bulbs. Go Green with LED signage to save energy as well as costs.