Street Advertisement, also known as billboards, proved as powerful advertising tool all over the world. Adorn LED screens are the great way to reach more customers. These are unavoidable due to their catchiness. In Led screen we can show our special offers ,new arrival, videos anything as ads. This is the latest addition to street advertising.


Reasons to install Outdoor Led Screen in Dubai for Outdoor Advertising:

  • Works 24×7: Ads on TV or radio plays only a few times a day, while outdoor advertisements are live throughout the day.

  • Customized location: Outdoor LED Screen ads are everywhere and you usually have the choice to select the place where you want to display your message.

  • Targeted Marketing: Target specific customers via location or near a busy intersection or freeway exit where you want the most attention by your customers.

  • Build Awareness: Outdoor LED Screen Ads are watched by people multiple times and thus they remember it later to associate with the brand and company. Thus, it is a catchy way to build brand awareness.

  • Target Variety of Customers: You don’t have to spend extra time and money to identify and target niche customers. These allow you to reach a diverse population.

  • Versatility: You can display different ads on one billboard or outdoor LED Screens that saves money and time.