We are the best-LED video wall manufacturer And suppliers

Video walls have become dynamic and engaging digital signage solutions which can engage and inform customers. These displays are tremendous in their scope of use with applications in trade shows, retail outlets, and corporate facilities.
We are one of the leading LED wall solution Providers in the UAE mainly in Dubai. We design and build video wall displays in all sizes and shapes, and for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. with experience, we have in this field. We know how to work with new technology cost-effective and energy-efficient screens to produce high-performance video walls.

What are video walls?

Video walls, also called display walls are made of multiple displays set up in the form of a single large visualization surface. these devices generally use tilled LCD panels, rear projection cubes, or direct LED tiles
We can customize video walls in a variety of sizes and configurations, mainly in the size of screen diameter between 46" and 80'' .The size of the video wall screen varies depending on the content that needs to be played as well as the distance if you want to view this video wall from close range. the pixel density needs to be high so that individual pixels are not visible.
Video walls are mostly used in control centers, digital signages, and meeting rooms.
It is an innovative product to showcase our products, video walls engage clients and customers in a business environment. we can interactive video walls through the incorporation of a touch interface


Advantages of using indoor and outdoor video walls

  • Improves the experience and awareness surrounding the brand

  • Video walls make to collaboration between multiple users

  • Video walls can showcase the products to multiple users

  • Manipulation with 3D media allows for the deep exploration of products.